They Called Him Yeshua is more than an ordinary fictional account of lives of biblical characters; it also recounts possibilities about what Jesus was like and what He experienced as a divine being voluntarily housed in a human body.

This novel creates realistic fictional stories that help us imagine how His family reacted to Jesus as He grew and followed His path from self-awareness to His divine mission on earth.

The reader will find They Called Him Yeshua to be honest about the universality of human emotions and the struggles Jesus’s family faced. Above all, it is the authors’ desire that

your love and gratitude may be stirred toward the Creator-God who sacrificed His Son, as a lowly man, to become your Savior.

This novel ends with Jesus’s baptism, but the factually accurate, trustworthy, and historical account of Jesus’s earthly life begins with the Gospels. The biblical story includes the account of His deity, His miracles, the Christian Manifesto, His divine act of self-sacrifice on the cross, His resurrection, and His promise of an eternity prepared for those who place their trust in Him.

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They Called Him Yeshua: The Story of the Young Jesus

They Called Him Yeshua: The Story of the Young Jesus